A New Way to Buy, Sell, Trade Digital Assets

Buy, sell and trade physical collectibles with instant settlement and low fee by turning your physical collectibles into digital assets.

Digitize Your Physical Collectibles

Our Binance-native platform allows you to trade collectibles in real-time with both digital and fiat currencies, low latency, and industry-low fees. Support for other chains such as Ethereum, Polygon and more coming soon.


Vault and Digitize Your Collectible

Start earning up to 5% in crypto rewards on every purchase.

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Swap your tokens

Swap a token for another. Main-net ETH swaps with the lowest gas cost of any main-chain swap. Swap new tokens on the Internet Computer.

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On-chain File Storage

EdenSwap enables dApps to store files locally on-chain which opens up new Web3 use cases. Full websites, applications, and AI/ML technology can integrate directly on-chain. NFT images can trustlessly be stored on-chain rather than in centralized cloud hosting platforms.

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Stake a token in a pool

Stake your ERC20 or IS20 tokens in one of our dedicated pools. Earn rewards through staking/liquidity mining the tokens you hold, and ride the DeFi wave to the top.

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Create your own token

We are building the very first decentralised gate-way between the Dfinity and Ethereum networks. This is less of a bridge and more of a direct gate-way to the IC using Chain-Key technology.

Participate in Presale and Airdrop.

Join Pre Sale

Pre sale ends on 28th March 2023.

1 EDEN = 15$

Get it now while it's cheap (MAX 10 BNB)

  • 0.01 BNB = 150 EDEN
  • 0.1 BNB = 1,500 EDEN
  • 1 BNB = 15,000 EDEN
  • 10 BNB = 150,000 EDEN

Claim Airdrop

Invite People to get 50% BNB and 100% EDEN on Every Airdrop and Presale.

Claim 50 EDEN
  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Get 100% EDEN & 50% BNB per referral

Create Your Referral Link

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Real-time Trading and Low Fees

Unlike other physical collectible-oriented platforms, Edenswap allows for real-time trading with instant settlement. We thrive on speed; that's why our platform is designed to be as efficient as possible

Edenswap Ecosystem

Redeem your NFT for the Real-world Equivalent

Secured the bag? Simply redeem the digital NFT through the Edenswap platform, and we’ll ship it out to your preferred destination as soon as the redemption request is received! Say goodbye to long settlement times.

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Real-time Trading and Low Fees

EdenSwap is built with flexibility in mind. It's possible to purchase entire collections of sneakers at once, trade collectibles for other collectibles, bid on items, accept and place trade offers, swap NFTs for physical goods, and much, much more. All of this is possible because Binance lets you settle transactions right away, so you can trade quickly and safely.

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Instant Finality

Blocks have instant finality on EdeanSwao. This removes any issues from MEV, time bandit attacks, and chain re-orgs which have plagued prior generation blockchains that struggle with latency and slow finality..


Total Supply 100 Million

  • Name - EdenSwap
  • Symbol - EDEN
  • Decimals - 18
Contract Address - 0x00D23Ad3b1fDa0DB1372285C932ad979704f3498

EDEN Roadmap

We are committed to providing our community with the details of our product development roadmap

October 2022
Deployed a smart contract for EDEN Token.
November 2022
Developing strong decentralized network with 800+ node worldwide.
December 2022
Airdrop and Pre sale Begins
January 2022
Deployed a high-quality Fast Bridge across all chain
February 2022
Launch EDEN Token On Multi-chain for fast Intergration